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Turnaround managers

Raison d’être
To serve the transformation of men and organisations’ identity in order to consolidate their economic performance.

We mean by “transformation of men and organizations’ identity” the capacity to implement a sustainable and profitable business model by mobilising all energies.

  • We take over the responsibility of the specific needs of the person we have accepted to serve

  • We demand managerial and technical excellence to support the daily performance

  • We dare to trust, thus implying a concrete personal transformation

  • We nurture the community’s life and abandon the myth of the Man of Providence

By “dare to trust”, we mean make ours the spirit of the book “Oser la confiance”.

Prospheres in video

Prospheres in video

Awards and distinctions

  • Le Magazine des Affaires - Grands Prix Restructuration 2011 : Manager de Crise l'Année
  • Le Magazine des Affaires - Grands Prix Restructuration 2013 : Manager de Crise de l'Année
  • Le Magazine des Affaires - Grands Prix Restructuration 2014 : Manager de Crise de l'Année
  • Le Magazine des Affaires - Grands Prix Restructuration 2015 : Manager de Crise de l'Année


  • Identity and “Raison d’être” – A contribution by Philippe Favre

    190129 Identity and Raison d’être _ English


  • 28/06/16 The testimony of the CEO (as well as employee) of a company which is managed by Prospheres

    Prospheres accompanied the teams of an industrial group and organized the transformation of the identity of the company. The CEO was identified within the employees of the company and promoted by Michel Rességuier , President of Prospheres. The CEO testifies.

    160622 Témoignage

  • 2016/03/14 – B&MT, member of the ERS network, opens an office in Romania that will also cover the Central and Eastern Europe area.

  • 2016/02/01 – Conway McKenzie, an ERS partner, network to which Prospheres belongs is named Outstanding Turnaround Firm 2015 by Turnaround and Workouts

  • 20/10/2015 – Prospheres wins the 2015 restructuring award for best turnaround or the year by the  Magazine des Affaires for its work on Anovo.

  • 02/07/15 European Restructuring Solutions (ERS) publishes its annual study on the impact of the European financial and economic crisis on the restructuring market Link

  • 01/27/2015 Anovo, a company restructured by Prospheres in 2011, receives the Ulysses Prize 2015, the French Turnaround Association (A.R.E.) award for best turnaround.

  • 01/19/2015 Prospheres receives the 2015 Best Restructuring Firm award by the Magazine des Affaires.

  • 01/05/2015 Prospheres welcomes Gil Guibert in its team