Transformation & Turnaround

Our convictions

  • Company managers in times of crisis are often those who show the most resistance to business turnaround. Entrenched in familiar methods and working in isolation, they understandably tend to repeat patterns and behaviors that no longer function.
  • We firmly believe that company turnaround is a specialized profession acquired through years of hands-on restructuring experience.
  • This profession must be practiced assuming full corporate operational and legal responsibility, in order to preserve the company’s interests.
  • We believe that our role is to develop and implement rapidly a sustainable and profitable business model.
  • In times of turnaround or transformation, the human and technical challenges require specific skills, the sole expertise of a business sector is not sufficient any more.
  • Only a collective mobilization of all the company’s energies allows to obtain concrete results.
  • A systematic approach which embraces the reality of the company and its environment is necessary to question its business model.
  • Our commitment alongside our clients requires the conception and the implementation of an adapted solution: beyond ideas, act.
  • Our action is independent, away from the constraints of the past and from false beliefs. It is limited in time (6 to 36 months).

Our strengths

  • Ability to fulfil C.E.O., C.R.O., C.F.O. and C.O.O. positions.
  • Transparency in communication, restore trust and reliability.
  • A multivalent team (dynamic, open minded, involved) whose approach shows its efficiency.
  • Managers with track records as consultants and as executive officers.
  • Professionals who choose this career, who dedicate themselves to this expertise, who are trained to these specific jobs.
  • A wide range of managerial skills (finance, operations, organisation, general management).
  • The highly specific nature of our practice allows us to avoid any conflicts of interest or personal agendas within the company, while providing a flexible timeframe and scope for our intervention.

Our only goal is to accomplish the defined mission: our achievements lie in your success.